White Gold of the Celts

Until the 20th century, salt was one of the most important food preservatives. To own it meant wealth; controlling its trade meant power. It also is an exceptional preservative. 7,000 years of salt mining from the historic mining community of Hallstatt, Austria are presented in this new dramatic exhibition from Austria.

The White Gold of the Celts: 7,000 years of Salt Mining brings this incredible story to life with over 250 unique objects selected to showcase the latest research unearthed in recent years by archaeologists from the Natural History Museum in Vienna which holds the world’s largest collection of Hallstatt objects.

 Quick Facts:

  • Size: 5,500 to 9,000 sq. feet depending on space available at venue.
  • Number of objects: approximately 250 pieces – 98% originals.
  • Display Cases: approximately 70, supplied with the exhibition.
  • Hands on Objects: 6
  • Comes with 6 smell generators, 6 projectors and sound systems plus 10 screens with media players,
  • Modern stylistic and flexible design.
  • Available: 2016/7