Warriors of the North: Giants of the Sea

The Viking Age was a period when Scandinavians had a major influence in many parts of the world. During this period Scandinavia underwent substantial changes. It was a time of colonization, conquest and plunder, but also a period when towns, trade networks, and new cultures were established. This exhibition presents the unique and fascinating world of the Vikings during the 8th-11th centuries.

For centuries the Christian Church had been dominant on mainland Europe. Now it also displaced the old pagan faith of Scandinavia. The small fragmented kingdoms comprising Scandinavia were gathered in three larger kingdoms – Sweden, Norway and Denmark. This centralization of power led to major changes in society and an entirely new social structure. Denmark turned in earnest towards Europe.

 Quick Facts:

  • Size: 3,000 to 10,000 sq. feet depending on space available at venue.
  • Number of objects: over 650 pieces – less than 10 replicas.
  • Display Cases: approximately 65, supplied with the exhibition.
  • Interactives: 12.
  • Up to 4 full-size replicas of a Viking ship – including the largest Vikings longship ever found at 122 ft. with almost 25% of the original wood.
  • Over 650 running ft. of large graphic images and texts
  • Available, starting fall 2017

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