Pharaoh: Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt

Over 5000 years ago, one of the most advanced and preeminent civilizations developed along the River Nile. Ever since, ancient Egypt, the land of pharaohs, extraordinary art and cultural splendor, miracles and mysteries, has captivated peoples’ imagination all over the world. Egypt’s magnificent monuments, pyramids and temples have inspired innumerable artists, writers, poets and architects from the Romans to the present day. Even Hollywood has been mesmerized by ancient Egypt, giving rise to the most spectacular fantasies with films such as The Mummy or Cleopatra.

The exhibition, Pharaoh: Life in Ancient Egypt, unveils the mysteries and explores the realities of daily life in ancient Egypt to look beyond popular culture’s fantasies which blur fact and fiction. Featuring more than 350 original artefacts, some of them more than 4500 years old; stunning detailed models of famous pyramids, temples and homes; and vivid multimedia films and interactives. This exhibition takes the visitor to the distant past, exploring the myths and realities of ancient Egyptian culture, and brings the true land of Pharaohs back to life with the Nile as its vital artery. Combining the ancient Egypt’s cultural progress with political and social development, visitors will follow the traces of the great pharaohs that will offer inspiration, valuable knowledge and an insight into our own modern culture.



 Quick Facts:

  • Size: 8,000 to 16,000 sq. feet depending on space available at venue.
  • Number of objects: 370 pieces – 10 replicas.
  • Display Cases: approximately 120, supplied with the exhibition.
  • Interactives: 14.
  • Up to 13 scale models of ancient Egyptian cities, temples and pyramids.
  • 200 graphic panels and texts
  • Available, starting spring 2019

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